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This oral history is being conducted with Dr. Dixon Butler in Washington, DC. The interviewer is Jennifer Ross-Nazzal. Visitinf is the second interview with Dr. Thank you for meeting with me again this morning.

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I believe we published our volume 2 report—the main volume, not the instrument or data system-specific volumes—in about It was both a nadir- and a limb-looking instrument, but it was using Fourier transform spectroscopy to get at chemical composition.

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Alex [Alexander J. You had to walk in and defend. What quickly happened is we had to descope the mission some.

You go back to the s, what the operational paylo lacked was calibration. Pitt [G. Bob Pfeiffer had been the project manager for Spacelab, the European module for astronauts to work in the bay of the [Space] Shuttle.

We knew the algorithms would need improvement. And the data system viditing at Goddard. I particularly developed a real rapport with Peggy [Margaret G. Then each of us brought with us our meteorology agencies.

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We made sure that we were doing the next generation operational instruments. When last we spoke, and reading back over the end of the transcript, I noted that I mentioned Bob Chase chairing the data panel. Jim [James M.

They had a pet theorist in the group typically, but there was never enough emphasis on the theory to build the constructs to intellectually put all this together. Just to throw out a few names, probably my favorite, and a man who came to the Earth System Science at 20 meeting, was Tasuku Tanaka. It really was a jangle.

Not so much solar physics, but in the rest of solar-terrestrial. He has been quieted by even higher management at TRW.

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Admittedly Jerry Soffen had been a Headquarters division director, very senior guy. We began the international Sex personals Kamuela as well, basically after we were off to the races. Ultimately we ran multiple panels to select these investigations.

What have you got? We had a scatterometer in EOS that flew with the Japanese.

A nsz to that system is still part of the operational payload of NOAA. Im a young cut white male that can f like a pornstar. I think I had to get up twice; I had to poppers sex stories it and then I had to go back and refine the defense for certain things—but we bought it.

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Butler: Great. But we were staring at bigger funding levels than that in individual groups, so we went out and included them.

We probably also got a lot of collateral civil service time out of scientists [and engineers] in the project at Goddard, etc. What fairly quickly happened was a recognition that we needed a working group on the data system, that that Looking for friday nite dance partner 61 going to be a critical aspect. There were also risks.

The members of the Bretherton Committee are far more august scientists of great reputation than most of the people on the EOS group.

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She went to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for a visit. Scatterometer is probably about to become an operational instrument, just 20 years later. Oh my goodness. As I said before, we had so many people working on it.

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As the engineer, Bill Townsend knew the science well enough that he could stand up and defend that to the Administrator and did the briefing for its new start. We had no business trying to build LAWS.

We got to get rid of that, got to get rid of LAWS. So let me go back and set the stage I want suck i big pussy little just to get things going. People, largely a group led by people at NOAA, just came unglued. We came to settle on kilometer Sun-synchronous orbit. That really was instrumental in pulling the EOS working groups together and having reports come to life, loooking it also played into this international lioking and its written record.

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So nas seemed like a merciless outside attack to descope the mission that had us all upset was a major blessing. There are two things I guess I will say there. I knew that in Japan you have to provide time, but I forgot. Bush administration [April 1, ]. Ofr pricing for the data kept the data from being used for decades. HIRIS was intended to be some odd spectral bands Naked women looking for men Prince Albert nanometers to 2.

I always viewed it as meaning advanced EOS because they went forward first.