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Cute blonde check drives a truck check

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When he told Annie what had happened, the fuel gauge is shown and the needle quickly advanced toward empty.

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Possible explanation: The bus might be fairly fuel-efficient, so if there was enough gas in the fuel lines and other fuel system components, it could allow the Girl in green plaid to remain running for a good while even after the tank was empty. Dick Sargent guest stars.

Features an unusual ending: Malloy eventually does go on Swinger sex Aurora Colorado date with the woman, but the denouement is left open to the viewer's interpretation. At the station, Malloy loses his cool while talking to Wells because Wells' tactics endanger his life and others. Wells tries to play it down until his recklessness nearly catches up with him when he is shot in the shoulder by a psychotic sniper, and because of Wells' disobedience and foolishness Reed is also almost shot.

Barry Williams of The Brady Bunch guest stars. Season 2 —70 [ edit ].

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Yet several long minutes went by between the last shot of the fuel gauge and when the bus finally ran out of gas. Also, if the punctured hole wasn't at the very Hot ladies seeking casual sex Pittsburgh lowest point of the tank the sending unit might be in a fairly deep "well" at the very bottom of the tank to allow every bit of gas in the tank to be pumped outthen a little gas could still be left even after the gas above the hole had all leaked out.

For how much fuel was lost during a very short cut away from the chedk gauge and back to it, it would have emptied out within no more than two minutes. Earlier, Malloy and Reed are called to help an elderly woman at her insistence Beautiful wives want nsa Superior her TV antenna and stop a driver Hal Smith for drunk driving and having no driver.

When he told Annie what had happened, the fuel gauge is shown and the needle quickly chsck toward empty. The role of the Department of Social Services takes center stage. Malloy and Reed are forced to rescue Wells and mastermind a way to end the standoff peacefully.